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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goa & Tamilpadam

I saw two of the lighter-vein Tamil movies released in the last fortnight: Goa and Tamilpadam. The former was a typical Venkat Prabhu movie with a clear intent of not having a single 'serious' scene; more than a movie, as the director himself portrays towards the end, it was like a holiday and for the audience it was a holiday very well spent. On the other hand, Tamilpadam had been floating around with a lot more hype thanks to the media houses backing the Production house. There were scenes which do capture one's attention at first sight but there was not much content to sustain that attention. There are some funky scenes in the movie but it seems to be stretched too far to fit the number of reels requirement of a typical Indian movie. I must admit I felt a bit sleepy during the second half and I had the feeling I am stuck in a Mumbai local passing Malad station when I need to get down at Churchgate. In spite of the novelty factor and a meaningful song in the movie, Tamilpadam is of the boring movies I have seen in the recent past.

Goa - please go and watch. Tamil padam - stay away.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar - Short Review

I went to see Avatar - the 3D version - yesterday in PVR-Phoenix, but when I came out I had a feeling I am leaving the planet Pandora. The visual effects are so out-of-the-world (literally!), you would not think, even once, that it is fiction. The picturization is such that if at all man finds life in another planet, a common man would think of this movie's portrayal as to how the new planet would actually be. Some of the scenes in the movie are dream-like: something which is very hard to conjure even in the longest siesta on a Saturday afternoon. Quoting from elsewhere: when the Oscar nominations for the year are announced, this movie would feature in all possible technical categories and most likely win all of those. I strongly recommend all to watch this in 3D and enjoy the ultimate movie experience. Having said that, the story is not something out of the ordinary - it is a simple hero-saves-people storyline. Go for this movie and let James Cameron take you for a trip around Pandora.

Is this the greatest movie in the recent past? I would say 'The Dark Knight' is easily the best in the recent past, if not the greatest of all time. Nonetheless, I would watch Avatar at least twice again.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ghajini - A Review

Here's a review on Ghajini, please proceed, none of the plot will be revealed, whatsoever.

With Aamir Khan in the lead and the celebrated eight packs and the build-up promos with Khan v/s Khan duels, this Ghajini had accrued considerable amount of hype. The hype reaching its peak with the producer of the Tamil version suing the producer of the Hindi version for copyright violation. Unlike many other movies with such inflated hype, I must admit this movie fails to disappoint.

The present Ghajini till its intermission has replicated the Tamil version in its truest form and sense; in whatever little places the movie has differed from its original it has been for the better. Most of the memorable scenes from the original are retained, thankfully, without an iota of attempt to modify. Full marks to the makers for that. This episode of the movie till the intermission is easily the liveliest stretch. I had opined in my earlier review that I would not write negative comments about Asin; but this time around I am unable to find a single flaw in her performance. I liked her and her role in this movie so much it can be an antidote for her role in Dasavatharam. My non-tamil friends with whom I watched this movie gave some comments on Asin of which I am repeating two. One, after her introductory song, "She is a chick looking girl"; Two, after her first scene with Aamir Khan, "She is expressive, the chick can act". All through, if there was one clap-winner in the movie, it was Asin. Deservedly so.

Everyone, including the director A R Murugadoss, said the climax of the Tamil Ghajini actually a no-climax and one which spoiled the entire movie. This time around the second half and the climax of the movie has been changed drastically to eliminate the feeling of bungling which happened earlier. I must say the director has succeeded in making the audience not feeling let down after an impressive first half. Most movies would have ended after the 'climax fight'; here the movie carries on to show further things which to me was the icing on the cake and to my friends it appeared like a drag. How much of these praises should go to Aamir Khan and how much to A R Murugadoss are left for arguments.

There is no Ghajini without Aamir Khan. Aamir would have been on screen for at least 95% of the movie and he has carried it so well that only superstars can do. Macho body, impressive acting, charming face, style - a treat to watch. If Tamil cinema has Kamal Hasan, Hindi has Aamir Khan. He has put in efforts and the results are there on the screen. It surely is one of his very different and noteworthy performances, but I still prefer Aamir Khan in a Lagaan or a Dil Chahta Hai over Ghajini. But one thing, just like Kamal Hasan, I can see Aamir Khan ageing - a non-missable fact from the close-up shots of the stylish CEO Sanjay Singhania.

With so much positives over the original version, I feel there is one area where the Tamil Ghajini scores over its Hindi counterpart: songs. I feel the Tamil songs (and tunes) composed by Harris Jeyaraj were much superior to the ones in the latest release. This is not to say the songs of Hindi Ghajini are bad, but they are comparatively.

Does this movie have only positives? Obviously not, there were lots of gaps in logic which only an Indian mind can digest. I am not going to spoil the fun by pointing out each of those. But errrr, some of those: an empty Mumbai-Goa second class compartment; 3 BMWs escorting the BMW in which a travels, always; a villain who kills multiple dons on surmise and who does not kill the actual threat but 'cleans up' his memories. This list is definitely indicative. Though needed for the story, the violence in the movie is on the higher side and is literally gory. I wonder why Jiah khan got the role which she played in the movie, her apathetic acting was showcased in the presence of Aamir and Asin. Reyaas Khan as Inspector was funny, a better choice could have been made there as well.

Whenever a movie is a re-make of another, comparison with the original is inevitable and this Hindi Ghajini scores over the Tamil version in most departments: Aamir better than Surya, Asin (Hindi) better than Asin (Tamil), climax (Hindi) much better than Climax (Tamil). There should not be any comparison of this movie with 'Memento' (which according to me is the best screenplay in a movie) as the story line is thoroughly different, the common thread is just the ...errr....ya..'short term memory loss'.

Overall, this is a good movie - a worthy watch in a theatre inspite of its logical gaps. Treat this as a superhero movie interspersed with cherishable episodes of romance, music and 'memories'.

Update: Article by the hero of the tamil version - Surya

Friday, October 31, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram - Music

It has been a while since I liked an entire album such as this. More than the melody and the music, the songs sound cute.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Most Awaited Movie of 2008

Update from Kollywood Today

Ramarajan is not a new person. He ruled Kollywood in the 80s. He was a great threat even to the super star. His movies like Enga Ooru Pattukaran and Karakattakaran took him to great heights. But all of a sudden he went into exile due to his domestic problems. Ramarajan will make his comeback with the movie Medhai to be directed by debutant T G Saravanan. He plays a head master in a village school. He comes across a group of baddies and ends their atrocities in the village.

Vadivelu, Charlie, Pithamaghan Mahadevan form part of the cast. A debutante will play the heroine. Dhina is scoring the music. Shooting for the movie would commence shortly.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Was surprised to read some reviews on "Arasangam" which claim the movie is much better than expected.

Of course, with Gapdan in the lead, my expectation was actually zero, err....negative. Even the reviewers might have had such low expectations.

Is it time to watch a captain's movie on the big screen?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Radiohead to Onbadhu Roobai Nottu

What's common to Radiohead and the soon to be released tamil movie Onbadhu roobai nottu: they come at a price of zero.

Radiohead got into the headlines due to their weird (innovative?) pricing strategy of pay what you want. In a rational world, no one who buys the album should pay for it. But not all are rational. Radiohead did make some money, whether it is big or small is a totally disparate issue.

Now a tamil movie Onbathu roobai nottu (Nine rupee currency) is coming up with a similar concept. In all of the Pyramid company owned theatres in Tamilnadu, the movie is to be screened free without any ticket. Post the show, the audience is expected to pay or rather give how much ever they feel the movie is worth by depositing cash in a hundi. At first thought, the revenue model looks like a road side koothu happening in the rural streets. This strategy carries with it one basic risk: people not paying up after the movie. All these revenue models based on the concept of tipping the waiter at a restaurant will not hold when there is minimal or no eye contact with the waiter (or producer) and hence no one to self-coerce oneself not to be stingy.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Review of Sivaji Trailer

Considering the hype and fanfare surrounding the movie, I personally was expecting a lot more in the trailer than what is being shown now. This is probably the deadliest combination of hero-director-producer in recent times. The total expense of the movie is rumoured to be more than Rs.50 crores. A Shankar movie. An A R Rahman movie. An AVM production. A Rajni movie. Enough reasons for people to get excited about it. The trailer that was released last week was not at all in tune with what the movie should be according to popular expectations. Baba trailers were better than this. I could only hope that the movie turns out lot better than what is shown in the trailer. Lot of tamil movies have excellent trailers but disappoint in the full length version - an example that comes right to my mind is 'Tata Birla', the Goundamani-Parthiban starrer in which the sole good comedy scene was shown in the trailer and everyone expected the movie to be full of such comedy scenes, much to their own disappointment.

Whether it is a conscious decision by Shankar & Co to have a low profile trailer and then surprise with the movie or the trailer is just a predecessor to what is coming next can be answered only after June 15. Let's keep our fingers crossed and keep clicking Satyam cinemas website to catch the action as soon as it starts.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Muni : Money

Here is a local version of organized Word of Mouth publicity. I learn more strategy by going through videos in CNN-IBN Showbizz section than in a Michael Porter book!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Times top 100 movies - One Indian Entry

Got to know yesterday that 'Nayagan' - the Maniratnam directed movie starring Kamal Hasan, is among the Top 100 Movies of All Time as rated by the Times Magazine. This page gives the complete list of the top 100 movies. I was ashamed/happy when I got this piece of information from a northie friend..Nayakan, as they see is the only Indian movie in the Times list!


Two days back I had the opportunity to see 'Dreams' - a movie by Akira Kurosawa. I have heard about this director but have not seen any of his movies. There was a decent hype created about the movie on campus. I also started building expectations because of the director's reputation and friends' expectations.

After watching the movie for about 20 minutes ie., by the time of the 2nd dream (for the uninitiated, 'Dreams' is a collection of tales which were Akira Kurosawa's actual dreams - supposedly), I thought I was not intellectually qualified to appreciate this kind of a movie. My neighbour sitting to my left, left after the 1st dream, the one on my right left during the second. I started having my own dreams during the third, I slept!

People here were telling 'Dreams' must be good as it had a great iMDB rating of 7.6, I saw today morning: 'Nayakan' had 9.3, 'Hey ram' had 8.4 though with the total number of votes being around one-tenth of the number of votes for 'Dreams' - an accepted proposition given they are tamil movies.