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Monday, July 04, 2011

Ponniyin Selvan

Just completed reading my first Tamil novel "Ponniyin Selvan". It was a good read with good characterizations but without any significant central theme or noteworthy philosophy. At the end of the 3 month duration of reading the 2000+ page novel, I am definitely not disappointed. I am getting a sense of contentment which I normally feel after watching a good masala Tamil movie: sans logic at many and important places.

Overall, it was a good beginning to my Tamil fiction reading; would have cherished the novel had I read it 10 years back.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goa & Tamilpadam

I saw two of the lighter-vein Tamil movies released in the last fortnight: Goa and Tamilpadam. The former was a typical Venkat Prabhu movie with a clear intent of not having a single 'serious' scene; more than a movie, as the director himself portrays towards the end, it was like a holiday and for the audience it was a holiday very well spent. On the other hand, Tamilpadam had been floating around with a lot more hype thanks to the media houses backing the Production house. There were scenes which do capture one's attention at first sight but there was not much content to sustain that attention. There are some funky scenes in the movie but it seems to be stretched too far to fit the number of reels requirement of a typical Indian movie. I must admit I felt a bit sleepy during the second half and I had the feeling I am stuck in a Mumbai local passing Malad station when I need to get down at Churchgate. In spite of the novelty factor and a meaningful song in the movie, Tamilpadam is of the boring movies I have seen in the recent past.

Goa - please go and watch. Tamil padam - stay away.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thiruvalluvar Statue

Human Body:Appendix::Tamilnadu-Karnataka Peace:Thiruvalluvar Statue

The DemiGod Thiruvalluvar had already written a kural (couplet) on avoiding such farcical, useless and potentially dangerous deeds. Remembering from one of my Thirukkural lessons in School:

461. அழிவதூஉம் ஆவதூஉம் ஆகி வழிபயக்கும்
ஊதியமும் சூழ்ந்து செயல்
Weigh well output the loss and gain
And proper action ascertain.

I do not think the statue would in any way help the bonhomie between Tamilnadu and Karnataka; instead it would just act as sink for crows and source of further disputes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Comedy of accents

Tamil news channels often come up immense creativity which will make anyone laugh (like this one); the latest one has got to do with Monty Panesar being called Monty Pannee Sir

Friday, November 07, 2008

Poraattam - F6

Here is a song that was composed for a contest in Vijay TV some time last year. The composition was from a band called "F6" - a group consisting of alumni from BITS, Pilani and who, I was told, were working in different locations and had assembled to compete in that TV contest. This song was sung in the semi-final round of that contest - the contest requiring the contestants to compose their own songs. This song won the semi-finals for all the good reasons. The song was so good that in spite of the fact that this troupe did not compete in the finals (reason: unknown to me), AR Rahman who came as judge in the final round was all praise for this band and the song and presented a special prize to them.

I am not an expert in music, notes and compositions, but a friend of mine who is one such and an exponent of carnatic vocal music commented that this song is "technically" perfect and deserves much more recognition and fanfare than what it currently enjoys.

Here is
Sodhanaigal Sornthu Othum Sogam Yaenada
indru saadhnaigal sernthu koodum vaazhum Maanida.....

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Taxi Taxi

I was told a song from the movie "Sakkarakatti" is really good and it has become quite popular in spite of being a contemporary to the "naakku mukku" phenomenon. The first time I heard the song, it was not appealing and did not meet the hype with which it was told to me. But I must accept after listening to the song for a couple of days that this song is just too peppy, joyous and kind of makes me an air-drummer. There are two things that I specially liked: one the constant beat in the background and the lively lyrics. I am pasting the lyrics of the song taken from this site. Most importantly, there is one french (I guess) stanza coming in the lyrics; before having a look at the actual lyrics, I could not decipher it - thanks to my absolute voidness in oral french - I took it for some kind of a Rajnish's French Connection in United Kingdom.

Other tamil songs I am recently listening to (again and again):
- Vaaranam Aayiram
- Dosth bada dosth (Saroja)
- Kangal Irandal Un Kangal Irandal (Subramaniapuram): I must say I love the female singer in this song
- Oru Naalaikkul ethanai kanavu (Yaaradi Nee Mohini)
- Adada Adada ennai etho (Santhosh Subramaniam)
- Taxi Taxi (Sakkarakatti)

Listen to Sakkarakatti - tamil Audio Songs at

Taxi-Taxi Lyrics:
Nan Nanan na na nana na ana…na

Nanba nee oru ilavasa taxi (2)

Once upon a time when we were riding real easy
Only we used our new Maruthi
Look up on the sides when a citi girl pass by
bale bale you say bye bye bye

mm say bale bale
mm say ole ole
mm say ole ole

mm say bale bale
mm say ole ole
mm say ole ole

Rasi Rasi…nanban kidaithal ellam OC
Taxi Taxi..nanba nee oru ilavasa taxi….(2)

Nee nee nee nee illayael naan naan naan engu povathu
Thoal saaya Thoal illayael en vaazhkai ennavathu…

Rasi..Rasi…nanban kidaithal ellam OC
Taxi Taxi..nanba nee oru ilavasa taxi…

oola oola…nanban kidaithal elllam OC..
oola oola…yoasi yoasi…yoasi yoasi…

We’ve gonna a smile coz we have a journey
dinner with a lady in a red saree
shout out loud, say you’re so sweet

We’ve gonna a smile coz we have a journey
dinner with a lady in a red saree

oola oola

En thavarai nee maraithai
Enakai archanai vaanginaai
Un Thoalgal yaeniyai poal
Yaeri midithaen…thaanginaai

Ezhum poathu kai thanthu
Azhum poathu kadan thanthu
Ilaipaara madi thanthu
Enakena vaazhvathu nee thaane

Rasi..Rasi…nanban kidaithal ellam OC
Taxi Taxi..nanba nee oru ilavasa taxi…

Il faut que je me dépêche parce qu’on m’attend à Chennai
Il faut que j’aille prendre le Taxi, prendre le Taxi à Paris

na na ana…na
nai nainya nainya nainya na….

Thillana Thillana Thimiru pudicha thillanaa…
Anbaa naan Anbaa naan adangamaataen hero naan
Kalla thanam theriyaadhu…
Kaadhaliye kidaiyaathu…

nan nanan na na nana na na na na

Kanjathanam theriyaathu
Kanjaave kidayaathu…
Nalla pazham kidayaathu
Gnana pazham kidayaathu
En uyir nanban nee thaane

Rasi..Rasi…nanban kidaithal ellam OC
Taxi Taxi..nanba nee oru ilavasa taxi…

neeya neeya neeya neeya illayael
na na na na na na engu poavathu
Thoal saaya Thoal illayael en vaazhkai

nan naana naana na na nana ….

Taxi Taxi..Awesome taxi…
Taxi Taxi…Raasi Raasi…”rap” ae jaasthi…
Taxi Taxi…uh hey…uh hey..ah..hah…hah..
Taxi Taxi…Make a wave… Make a sound…
Taxi Taxi…kumbakumengum city city
Thinam thinam pengal try and catch me
Rude boys naangal king of the streets
Riding together every body follow me…

Look over the side when ya see u when u pass by
Friend thavira friends thavira stay with me all at the time
Rolling through the streets.. they must they must ask why?
We be so happy and we know that we are nice guys

mm say bale bale
mm say ole ole
mm say ole ole

mm say bale bale
mm say ole ole
mm say ole ole

Friday, October 31, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram - Music

It has been a while since I liked an entire album such as this. More than the melody and the music, the songs sound cute.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Most Awaited Movie of 2008

Update from Kollywood Today

Ramarajan is not a new person. He ruled Kollywood in the 80s. He was a great threat even to the super star. His movies like Enga Ooru Pattukaran and Karakattakaran took him to great heights. But all of a sudden he went into exile due to his domestic problems. Ramarajan will make his comeback with the movie Medhai to be directed by debutant T G Saravanan. He plays a head master in a village school. He comes across a group of baddies and ends their atrocities in the village.

Vadivelu, Charlie, Pithamaghan Mahadevan form part of the cast. A debutante will play the heroine. Dhina is scoring the music. Shooting for the movie would commence shortly.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dasavatharam Review

Dasavatharam, after seeing the movie my first reaction was : "racy". The screenplay of the movie kept the audience always involved.  I see the movie in two parts: one, the 12th century portion spanning for about 15 minutes and the second - the actual movie, lasting for the remaining minutes. There was never a scene in the second part of the movie which I found was redundant. Even the two songs in this part were carefully placed and properly intertwined with the storyline.  Regarding the first part, I fail to see its link with the remaining portion of the movie. It looks as if Kamal Hassan, the story writer, wanted the audience to know that there existed violent enmity between Saivites and Vaishnavites before the arrival of the foreign rulers just as the animosity existing between religions in the modern days. The only trace of a link of the first part with the second I could find was that the idol to which Kamal Hassan was tied and thrown into the sea in the 12th century would reappear in the final scene with actually no real significance - Kamal and Asin would stand beside it and propose!

As it has been said in Sify, of the 10 roles, some of them did not have substantial part in the movie.  I may sound contradictory here, I feel the movie had no redundant scenes but the 10 roles of Kamal were not actually justified. Some of them were roles that are typically done by character artistes. But Kamal's acting, makeup, dialogue delivery in each of these roles were impeccable, especially, the dialogue delivery of Bhuvaragan in his introductory scene.

There are some of the roles which stays in my mind even after a good night's sleep: The faces of American President Bush, the ex-CIA turned terrorist, Dalit activist Bhuvaragan.

I felt the songs were a let down prior to the movie, but now I feel it is not all that bad as there are only three songs and nicely compensated by the intertwined story in almost all of them.

The climax scene with Tsunami was a visual treat.  I liked the way the screenplay linked the story to a real-life incident.  It did make the entire story appear (to an extent) like a real one, that could have really happened. I was reminded of Irving Wallace's Seventh secret.

I expected the movie to be more on the lines of Hey Ram (which to me is the best Indian film I have seen) but it turned out to be a fast action movie where the Ulaganayagan did not disappoint his fans or any movie-goer.  All in all, I was happy at the end of the movie with a feeling of well-spent 200 rupees and (more or less) my expectations satisfied.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Was surprised to read some reviews on "Arasangam" which claim the movie is much better than expected.

Of course, with Gapdan in the lead, my expectation was actually zero, err....negative. Even the reviewers might have had such low expectations.

Is it time to watch a captain's movie on the big screen?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Muni : Money

Here is a local version of organized Word of Mouth publicity. I learn more strategy by going through videos in CNN-IBN Showbizz section than in a Michael Porter book!!

Monday, December 25, 2006


This is probably the most 'electrifying' moment in Tamil film industry. One that probably changed the destiny of many fans. The one which got the hero an MLA seat. One which is a pride for the electricity-rich Tamilnadu. A stern warning to Gaptun's enemies.....

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hindi Vs Tamil (in 1960s)

Anna Durai and Co's rationale:
A staunch opposition to the 'imposition' of Hindi as a sole National language. The rationale for forcing Hindi to become a common language because was 'it is spoken by the majority'. Anna replied that the mere number should not count in such decisions: We have more number of rats than tigers, more number of crows than peacocks - so why should tiger and peacock be made as national symbols. He added "since English is already being taught in many schools in India, why not that be the 'common' national language? Why do the Tamils have to study English for communication with the world and Hindi for communication within India? Do we need a big door for the big dog and a small door for the small dog? I say, let the small dog use the big door too!". This was what Anna told in his 1962 address in the Parliament.

Other snippets: It is to be called 'Anti-Hindi Imposition Agitation' and not 'Anti-Hindi Agitation'. Rajaji, who supported the initial 'Hindi-common-language' principle in the late 1930s, later opposed it. Big names like Periyar, Annadurai, Rajaji, EVK Sampath - all were part of this movement. In 1950, Hindi was made the official language of India, pushing all other regional languages to a secondary status. This is the main starting point of the agitation - spearheaded by Dravidar Kazhagam and Periyar.

I had a discussion (read:argument) with one of my friends here in XLRI about the same. A discussion between him and me is as follows:

He:Look at countries like France, Germany, South Korea, Japan - the main reasons why they have developed is the common language in those places
Me: They would have achieved this development because of various other things. You can't attribute a particular event and a result just because the event is true with respect to the result. Language should not be seen just with the objective of development, language is part of the culture. It is part of the religion, it is ingrained in people's life.
He: China also developed for the same reason. We are quite similar to them
Me: I have read somewhere that there hell a lot of variations in Mandarin, hell a lot of difference in the Politics as a whole between the two countries, culture etc., so again a wrong comparison
He: If any French minister goes to a foreign country, he would address in French; same is true with a German/ENglish Leader; If an Indian leader goes abroad, there would not be any uniformity - some would address in English, some in Hindi, some in Tamil...
Me: That is the beauty of India. We have read all along, "Unity in diversity"
He: Your own leaders like Rajaji and EVR supported the Hindi establishment in Tamilnadu (He was wrong EVR Periyar did not support the Hindi establishment at any time)
Me: They appreciated the concept that people in India should know Hindi also - they saw the benefits. But I doubt whether they supported Hindi at the cost of Tamil which I guess was the proposition when they opposed.
He: Hindi is the national language. If Hindi is made compulsory in all parts of India, people from south can come to north and people from north can come to south.
Me: Hindi is the main language in 4-5 states: UP, MP, Bihar, Haryana - In most other places, it is spoken just because of the size. In each of the other places where Hindi is predominant, there is also a regional language pushed to the background like Marathi, Gujarathi etc.
He: You know Hindi is a progessive language? Tamil is not..
Me: What do you mean by progessive? Number of people or the growth in literature?
He: Both
Me: If you consider the literary wealth, Tamil IS progressive.
He: Even Gandhiji vouched for the benefits of a uniform language
Me: He wanted development all round the country and unity. He thought language would create that unity. If you see, the 4 south Indian states are probably the most wealthy ones along with Maharashtra and Punjab (again another two places where Hindi is not the language of the land), then the Hindi speaking people should learn the southie languages. In a democracy, nothing should be forced on people. If people feel the benefits, if people find the need, they themselves would learn the language. I feel, it is absolutely USELESS to learn Hindi for the sole purpose of communication. One would understand and speak better Hindi by watching TV/Movie and spending a year or two in Hindi mainland. An advantage that I could have had was, in Chennai had I had spoken-hindi fluency, I would have got a lot more pretty girl friends!! (Are Tamil girls less prettier than their North Indian counterparts --- another fresh argument should have come up but for the Business Law class)

For more detailed information on the topic, refer to the Chronology of Anti-Hindi Agitations

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Madai thiranthu - a Tamil Rap

I got the link to this video from one of my friends in orkut. I thought it was some virus till I saw the domain name - youtube. I was really surprised to see an Ilayaraja song mixed well with rap (I dont know the differences between rock, pop and rap and I am arbitrarily using the terms). The lyrics, at places where I could decipher the words, is also interesting. Though copying is bad, copying well isn't - as long as it is not plagiarized.

Courtesy: YouTube

Thanks to Sivakumar, I got the lyrics for the same...
Yogi B Natchtiram "madai thriandhu" Rap Lyrics

makkalukku ne eduthu sollu

dam it's going to blow
thaavum nadhiyalai naan
baby u should know
koovum siru kuyil naan
isai kalaingan en aasaigaL aayiram
ninaithathu paliththadhu

dam it's going to blow
thaavum nadhiyalai naan
baby u should know
koovum siru kuyil naan
isai kalaingan en aasaigaL aayiram
ninaithathu paliththadhu

en urai thuvangu mun nalla ullangalukku nanri
nanri thaaye ~ nee idu~thangi thandhai neeyo ~sumaithangi
pasi kodumai nadai pathayil urakam
aasai kidathayil~kaaranam iraivanin irakam
ethanai emaatram anu dhinam avamaanam
edhaiyum thangum ullam thodarum isai payanam
tholaivu vaanam poda vendom natchatiram
thodarndhu poradum kaliganin manam

thotakal thulaikathu anu gundu thagarkkadhu
avamaanam en uyirey alikkadhu
adi karam en kanavai thadukkadhu
karuppina sol isai maidham kidakkatum
sethapin soli isai | selvanthan | pirakkattum
rekkai koondil viruppangal ini nigalum
brahmikavaikkum paatey ini thodarum
pudiya parimaana padai eduppom
natchathirangalin jananamathai mudivu eduppom

dam it's going to blow ----- (2)

angara thanduvom matmajothil~adaiyum neram
aay thiru mugam sen nirumbulee kondu garbam
andha sarasaram adangee alambel vaaai thalam.
sutham nilavaadhu adiga budiga natpu nelabey kolabey sedhapey badhbey sedhabey sumandhu thenna maram aaka naanga neeka
vidabey vidabey vidabey vidabey un karunai kalaivaaney
isai thaayey kalai arul thaa nee
ullai needhi indha rap paaatathil aaga mothatthil
pasuthoppol theeya puli anaindhavanukku unna
we lie vallavn manadhil aasai kottai katti pozhuludupokku avan ivan paathu vetti peychu
peychukku ennada peychu pasangala ippo ennada aachu vandha nasaikkal kai kodi serthadhu
varumo theriyadhu vallavanin maru pagudhi annaney pugal keetu padam vidum thodangumey idhu voru

netren arangile nizhalgaLin naadagam
indren yedhirile nijangaLin dharisanam
varungaalam vasantha kaalam
naaLum mangalam
varungaalam vasantha kaalam
naaLum mangalam
isaikkena isaikindra rasigargaL raajjiyam
yenake dhaan

Evanukkumey theiryadhu, onakku sonnal puriyadhu
now to take you back flashback when i was just little
My senti couple next to a corny temple.
i was a inga gundu paiya...enga appa appa chellam
ottagam maari ponom.ennai malai vandha vellum.
pudhiya palaiya ulagugal maara ..
angilamum tamilum kalacharangal modha
kandu pudichenada indha hip hop
andru mudhal inru varai market dont stop
market dont quit sodhanai vedhanai en kanner thudaikka appam thumbikkai en nambikkai
Kola lumpur ho....chennai london tamilan mc mudhalvan vallavan rap isai kalai vidhiin sambrathayam
madai thirandhu nadi alai puli ka pol nee thaavum

As an after-thought, I am including the video of the original song also. For the lyrics of the original song, scroll down...

Courtesy: YouTube

The lyrics of the original song:
madai thirandhu thaavum nadhiyalai naan
manam thirandhu koovum siru kuyil naan
isai kalaingan en aasaigaL aayiram
ninaithathu paliththadhu ho
Nanananna thananananna nananana

hey ho papappaaa (well sung by SPB)

kaalam kanindhadhu kadhavugaL thirandhadhu
gnanam viLaindhadhu nallisai pirandhadhu
pudhu raagam padaippadhaale naanum iraivane

pudhu raagam padaippadhaale naanum iraivane

viralilum kuralilum swarangalin naattiyam
amaithen naan

madai thirandhu thaavum nadhiyalai naan
manam thirandhu koovum siru kuyil naan
isai kalaingan en aasaigaL aayiram
ninaithathu paliththadhu ho

netren arangile nizhalgaLin naadagam
indren yedhirile nijangaLin dharisanam
varungaalam vasantha kaalam
naaLum mangalam

varungaalam vasantha kaalam
naaLum mangalam

isaikkena isaikindra rasigargaL raajjiyam
yenake dhaan

madai thirandhu thaavum nadhiyalai naan
manam thirandhu koovum siru kuyil naan
isai kalaingan en aasaigaL aayiram
ninaithathu paliththadhu ho

I would be happy to see more music videos like this....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Awesome Lyrics - Kadhal Oviyam

The following is the lyrics of the small (only in duration) song I have listened humpteen times in the last few days..I could visualize the scene of the song even though I have seen it only once or twice in my life - Ilayaraja is probably one among the few who can convey emotion through His music.

poojaikkaaga vaazhum poovai sooraiyaadal muraiyo
idhu yaar sadhiyo iraivan sabaiyil idhudhaan vidhiyo

ilangaatraith thaangaadha poovin jaadhi
idi veezhndhu sarugaadhal dhaanoa needhi
koavil enraal dheepam engae
dheepam illai needhaan engae
pongudhu manam idhu ragasiya ranam
kangalil gunam idhu unadharppanam
ponnezhir chilai idhu envasam ilai iru kangalil raaththiri vaedhanai
iruvizhi ilaiyenum oru kurai idhuvarai
idhayaththil irundhadhu illaiyae
vizhigalil ulaviya olimagal pirindhadhum
unmaiyil en vizhi illaiyae
kanavu varumboadhu avalin mughadheepam
piriya mudiyaadhu poomugam ninaivinil

I had thought the lyrist for this one is Vairamuthu. I was wrong. It is Panchu Arunachalam

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kannagi Silai - symbol of chastity?

Yet another typical instance of "Whatever you did, I will undo. Whatever you undid, I will do". But this "kannagi statue" issue prompted a discussion with my family friend yesterday. There is no denying the DMK-ADMK spat and I am neither a ADMK supporter nor a DMK basher.

For the record, Kannagi statue was installed in the DMK rule in 1968 to commemorate the "World Tamil Conference" as it was considered a symbol of Tamil culture. Removed by Jayalalitha Govt. after an "accidental" hit by a lorry and a new service lane is operational where the statue once stood. I have not seen the now re-installed statue.

I have nothing against Kannagi or her statue but I have some doubts whether Kannagi really deserves a statue or not. These are some questions that keep pestering in my mind.

1. Silappadigaram is a great work in Tamil, created by Ilangovadigal. Why can't we have a statue of Ilangovadigal instead of Kannagi?

2. Kannagi is definitely a symbol of chastity, but one of my relative contended that Kannagi is hyped up by male-chauvinistic males as she symbolizes that a 'chaste' wife should do anything for her wayward and unfaithful husband who realises his mistakes after sunset.

3. If Kovalan was sinning, Kannagi should have set him on fire in the first place. Why destroy a city for the sake of king's mistake?

4. That Pandian king deserves a statue: He died the moment he realised he has erred in his judgement.

5. That queen deserves a statue: She died seeing her husband die (Not that I am a votary of Sati!) - which shows her abundant and unconditional love for her husband.

6. How can we have a statue for a city destroyer - for whatever reasons she destroyed it - it is like encouraging violence if Madras High court (which is very close to Marina as well) makes a wrong judgement.

7. I guess Silappadigaram is a work of fiction(?!!!!), this statue might hurt the sentiment of Madurai people - remember how the current Ban Drowns the Code! Also, is it alright to have a statue for a fictional character?

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Kadhal oviyam lyrics

These four lines are truly amazing...
Scene: The hero who was a blind person gets back his vision. He has not seen the heroine, he desperately wants to meet her.

(Ponnezhir silai athu en vasam ilai, iru kangalil raathiri vedhanai)
iru vizhi ilai yenum oru kurai idhuvarai
idhayathil irunthathu illaye
vizhigalil ulaviya olimagal pirindhathum
unmaiyil en vizhi illaye
kanavu varum pothu avalin mughadheepam
piriya mudiyaathu thirumugam ninaivil....

Friday, February 11, 2005

small tamil kavidhaigal

I take the liberty of calling the following as kavidhais..

Scene1: Saravanan kalai who is working in TCS says he has finished a project with a great deal of effort. My response to his email:

Paarthen netru irandu vayathu kuzhandaiai
theruvil balpam kidaitha santhoshathil
Paarthen indru oru emailai - saravananidam irunthu -
alpa vishayathai muditha perumitha santhoshathil

Scene 2: Saravanan says he will kill me, if he sees me (vadham seivaanaamaam!!)
My response:
vadham panna nee yenna andha nanjundana
pitchaikkaariyidam kai yendum sadharana kirukkan thaana da nee
thalaikkanam piditha tharukkane pechai kurai
periyavargal idam sendru un moolaiai nirai

Scene 3: Worked too much on RR, so my mind was on a jog around the park.
kathavai thattina thirakkum
vaanam irunda vidiyum
romba saappitta pogum
saappudave illanna uyire poyidum