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Friday, November 07, 2008

Poraattam - F6

Here is a song that was composed for a contest in Vijay TV some time last year. The composition was from a band called "F6" - a group consisting of alumni from BITS, Pilani and who, I was told, were working in different locations and had assembled to compete in that TV contest. This song was sung in the semi-final round of that contest - the contest requiring the contestants to compose their own songs. This song won the semi-finals for all the good reasons. The song was so good that in spite of the fact that this troupe did not compete in the finals (reason: unknown to me), AR Rahman who came as judge in the final round was all praise for this band and the song and presented a special prize to them.

I am not an expert in music, notes and compositions, but a friend of mine who is one such and an exponent of carnatic vocal music commented that this song is "technically" perfect and deserves much more recognition and fanfare than what it currently enjoys.

Here is
Sodhanaigal Sornthu Othum Sogam Yaenada
indru saadhnaigal sernthu koodum vaazhum Maanida.....