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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Two days back I had the opportunity to see 'Dreams' - a movie by Akira Kurosawa. I have heard about this director but have not seen any of his movies. There was a decent hype created about the movie on campus. I also started building expectations because of the director's reputation and friends' expectations.

After watching the movie for about 20 minutes ie., by the time of the 2nd dream (for the uninitiated, 'Dreams' is a collection of tales which were Akira Kurosawa's actual dreams - supposedly), I thought I was not intellectually qualified to appreciate this kind of a movie. My neighbour sitting to my left, left after the 1st dream, the one on my right left during the second. I started having my own dreams during the third, I slept!

People here were telling 'Dreams' must be good as it had a great iMDB rating of 7.6, I saw today morning: 'Nayakan' had 9.3, 'Hey ram' had 8.4 though with the total number of votes being around one-tenth of the number of votes for 'Dreams' - an accepted proposition given they are tamil movies.