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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Somethings don't matter

In the sovereign state of India where there is freedom of speech, any one can talk any thing. Just now read a review on Sivaji, I could only pity such people - what all they have to do for money.

According to me, the movie was a decent watch. Also it is probably the biggest commercial hit in recent times. The producers are happy, actors are happy, distributors are happy, fans are happy - the movie has raked in multiple times of what has been invested. It is not often a regional language movie of India gets into the U.K. top 10....many more of such oft-repeated success stories.

There is no point analyzing successes.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Review of Sivaji Trailer

Considering the hype and fanfare surrounding the movie, I personally was expecting a lot more in the trailer than what is being shown now. This is probably the deadliest combination of hero-director-producer in recent times. The total expense of the movie is rumoured to be more than Rs.50 crores. A Shankar movie. An A R Rahman movie. An AVM production. A Rajni movie. Enough reasons for people to get excited about it. The trailer that was released last week was not at all in tune with what the movie should be according to popular expectations. Baba trailers were better than this. I could only hope that the movie turns out lot better than what is shown in the trailer. Lot of tamil movies have excellent trailers but disappoint in the full length version - an example that comes right to my mind is 'Tata Birla', the Goundamani-Parthiban starrer in which the sole good comedy scene was shown in the trailer and everyone expected the movie to be full of such comedy scenes, much to their own disappointment.

Whether it is a conscious decision by Shankar & Co to have a low profile trailer and then surprise with the movie or the trailer is just a predecessor to what is coming next can be answered only after June 15. Let's keep our fingers crossed and keep clicking Satyam cinemas website to catch the action as soon as it starts.