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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mockery of Sentiment, Law and Public Money

It is hardly fathomable that the Indian legal process took 18 months to indict a person who committed mass murder  on live TV. The excuse that Indian legal process is typically slow - should not apply to such an open and shut case. Now there is a search for the hangman; going by the hysteria of the mainstream media, especially the Satellite News channels, we might even end up having a reality show to identify the most eligible hangman. 

Why could not the police / National Security Guards or whosoever nabbed Kasab kill him on the spot?

The last 2 years of his trial has been a total fiasco, wasting public money to the extent of INR 8.5 lacs per day; Going by the law minister's statement it might take about a year more before Kasab is hanged - which translates to INR 31 Crores of expense to house a manic killer.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I read an article in rediff about law students demanding for their right to use unfair means in their exams. As I finished the article, I noticed the number of comments that article got: 197. If you do not have any thing else to do, go through them, outrageously funny!!!

India belongs to Bihar and not the other way round. History is the witness. The bihari symbol of Ashoka chakra on India's national flag confirms that. Be thankful to the Biharis that they allow you to live in India. South indians - what did you do to free india from Britishers? It was Bihar (Champaran) which gave Mahatma Gandhi a break. It was Bihar which opposed Indira Gandhi's Emergency. While you people are busy in regionalism, we Biharis have to think about India!

You are concerned about migration of people from Bihar; but you have no problems in using Bihar's natural resources that have been feeding the industries of the whole india. Moreover, going to places like mumbai for work is not migration; Mumbai was part of the ancient Bihar (Magadh); so it's my own land. Marathi language, that is why, is close to Bihari languages.

These are NOT my comments, direct copy-paste from the hilarious discussions going on in rediff.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

What is rape?

We have seen umpteen incidents of 'Rape' in movies and otherwise. But what is legally termed as 'Rape' might not have caught our attention. There are basically 6 circumstances which are deemed as rape under law.

After having studied the case laws, it is necessary to also study the definition of Rape as given in the Indian Penal Code, 1860. As per Section.375 of IPC a man is said to commit the offence of rape with a woman under the following six circumstances:

  1. Sexual intercourse against the victims will,
  2. Without the victims consent,
  3. With her consent, when her consent has been obtained by putting her or any person that she may be interested in fear of death or hurt,
  4. With her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband,
  5. With her consent, when at the time of giving such consent she was intoxicated, or is suffering from unsoundness of mind and does not understand the nature and consequences of that to which she gives consent,
  6. With or without her consent when she is under sixteen years of age.
The point which caught my eye and prompted me to post is point number 4. Does it mean a man, cheated by his wife, can file a rape case against his wife's lovemaker? Is not making love with a man of her choice her individual right? Why have not any Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood dealing with Behind the wood (read:extra-marital) affairs brought this notion of rape? Why is it always only a man can rape a woman and not vice-versa when the law for sexual harassment is applicable to both sexes (remember Aitraaz)? What about eunuchs?

Disclaimer: I am no way connected to the legal world. My questions may be dumb. I do not subscribe to whatever I have asked ;). I got the above piece of legal information from this source.