Sunday, February 03, 2008


I read an article in rediff about law students demanding for their right to use unfair means in their exams. As I finished the article, I noticed the number of comments that article got: 197. If you do not have any thing else to do, go through them, outrageously funny!!!

India belongs to Bihar and not the other way round. History is the witness. The bihari symbol of Ashoka chakra on India's national flag confirms that. Be thankful to the Biharis that they allow you to live in India. South indians - what did you do to free india from Britishers? It was Bihar (Champaran) which gave Mahatma Gandhi a break. It was Bihar which opposed Indira Gandhi's Emergency. While you people are busy in regionalism, we Biharis have to think about India!

You are concerned about migration of people from Bihar; but you have no problems in using Bihar's natural resources that have been feeding the industries of the whole india. Moreover, going to places like mumbai for work is not migration; Mumbai was part of the ancient Bihar (Magadh); so it's my own land. Marathi language, that is why, is close to Bihari languages.

These are NOT my comments, direct copy-paste from the hilarious discussions going on in rediff.


lachin on bike said...

heheheh now i think india going nuts and another kindaa vandalism arising huh.... well good copy paste done dude......

Shantanu Goel said...

hey selva..
vaise I think the guy did have a valid point about the migration thingy...
so how have u been

Prian said...

Update blog!
And buzz or call for dota