Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is not some arbit number of a stock index or the percentage returns an arbit hedge fund manager attained in the last year and who has quit now citing how stupid the passouts of the Harvards and the Whartons were in terms of credit derivatives.

This is the number of autos that can ply in the city of Delhi.

One thing that strikes me first as the umbilical cord of a just born baby is that it is supposed to limit the jams (hey is this Victorian English?!) in the awesome metro of the superb capital of the majestic country of egalitarian India. I just could not stop laughing at the moronness (just like the word 'awesomeness' discovered by the makers of the movie Kung fu Panda) of the planners, one disgruntled middle class guy who when exposed to the stale shake-of-the-head from auto drivers who hardly have anything inside their heads will more often than not end up buying that faithful Maruti 800 which to his mind must be running from one end of eternity to another. The dumbness of the planners is more dumber than the Delhi Police who insist on running autos on meter when the auto wallas simply treat you like dirt in sewage.

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