Monday, September 24, 2007

Network = Notwork

No Water | Total Network
No Oxygen | Total Network
No Land | Total Network
No Light | Total Network

Total XLRI | No Network

The first 4 lines form part of the advertisement for Reliance communication which is being aired now. I could only pity the XLers for being in Jamshedpur where NO Network reliably works. Initially, it was only the Reliance (Smart) network which gets conked off. Now it is true with every other network, including Airtel - supposedly the best network in India. Wonder what happened to all those service level commitments. Mr.Sunil Bharti Mittal, please try to reach me by my Airtel connection, if you can....


Shankar said...

Ada paavame.

How is the situation now? signal irukka?

Vijay Krishna Narayanan said...

You should complain to our Gabtan. Ee will make suvar the network puraablam gets pixed in XLRI, by writing a program using Windows Media Player. He will do this for the damilaga makkal.

Selva said...

awesome machan...
gabtun's words from your mouth are just blissful....I want you to write a proper blog post using gabtun's language on something