Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weird Names

Blessed with a comically twistable, unintentionally entrancing, clumsily cuddlesome name of Selvanayagam Ramalingom, I find any weird name alluring- not that my name is weird. I came across these companies while looking for some eerie names....
  • Cox Holdings
  • Far Track
  • Hiscox Insurance (Mkt cap of over 1 billion Pound Sterling!)
  • Screwfast
  • Balls Grinding
  • Caterpillar...the dictionary definition for the word is: Squishy, soft, squirmy, bright colored, wormlike, hairy, spiny larva of a butterfly or a moth - does not go well with Off-highway tractors, Backhoe loaders, Track type tractor (lucky I dont have to sound out this)
  • Many Happy Returns Inc : Tax filing company in Maryland
Internet and URL names also give their share of hilarity to us.
  • Experts Exchange (
  • Therapist Finder (
  • Italian Power Generator Company (
  • Mole Station Native Nursery (
Funny people....funny names.
Now Selvanayagam Ramalingom is not weird.


Karthik said...

LOL da.. superb finds! esp. last 2 URLs.

Shankar said...

ROFL @ the URL names.
i did not read therapist finder the way its supposed to be..
un per-a gurgaon leyum office la makkaL kola panninaanga illa?

Supergirl said...

Brilliant! Brilliant!
I would have fallen off my chair laughing if I had been sitting on one :D

Nadir said...

he he the URLs are really hilarious

Selva said...