Saturday, March 17, 2007

Out of Cash

This is the first time after a really long time I am out of cash. I have exactly 40+ rupees in my wallet and nothing more and no possibility of getting more for at least two weeks. Thanks to my selective amnesia of forgetting the last digit of my 4-digit PIN and a cash deposit at the bank last week I have totally run out of cash.

The last time I had to look at the content of my wallet (or my trouser pocket) before I proceeded to spend was during my standard XII (Year 2ooo!), now after 7 years, doing my MBA, I am in a similar state. In fact, I like this condition when I look at the same old 10-rupee note with a lot more reverence. Suddenly, the rupee has appreciated in its value with respect to me. This really has taken me back to my good old school days where a "note" of rupee made me feel like a millionaire - I would have got 2 Rasnas, 2 Sodas, 4 Caramilk toffees and 2 fruit ice cakes - with the Rs.10!!

The present situation has become quite complicated because of a grid-based debit card which my bank ICICI has sent to my home and which has been promptly cut into 4 pieces by my father assuming it was the usual additional redundant card sent by a bank. So the exact month of expiry of validity is not known to any of us and this happens to be mandatory to get a new PIN from the ICICI bank call center. I have to wait till the courier containing the PIN reaches my home. No doubt, I will be back to my normal ways of a heavy wallet once I get my PIN back.

Considering my situation, the concept of "time value of money" can be temporarily rewritten as a rupee today is worth lot more than it was yesterday, at the same time the rupee today is worth more than it would be tomorrow. So, the present is not the same future to the past as the future is to the present!

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