Sunday, February 04, 2007

Should they be happy?

This is the last month in the XLRI campus for most of my seniors. There are two possible sets of people: Those who feel happy as they would be completing their MBA course and heading into the corporate world with fat pay cheques; Those who are sad as they would be leaving the place where they probably would have spent the best times of their lives. There is also a third set who do not know how to react and do not even realize they would be leaving the campus in a month and spend their last month too in the same way they have spent the previous 20 months. During the completion of my Engineering at Anna University, I was part of the third set. I did not realize that college life is coming to an end and once it did close, there was a sort of vacuum felt as I was not really prepared for it.

The situation is even more daisy considering the fact that the placements happen after the completion of term 6. There would be immense amount of anxiety for the seniors as to where they are headed and want that anxiety to get over as soon as possible. At the same time, the campus life would be over by that time.

Blessed are those who have landed in plum jobs and get to stay in campus with only memories to gather in the last month!


Sandhya said...

There are also those who have seen and felt the same pains of separation before, those who now just smile and enjoy every last drop, without remorse, without any further thought.

And the jobs don't matter.

JC said...

And the jobs don't matter.
don't they? <:o>

hsay said...

and there always have been those that didn't matter !!! i prefer this category :)

Selva said...

@sandhya: true.. there are people who realize the end of college life and cherish the way to it. Jobs...considering the emotional scenes that happened during SIP, I am sure, with the stakes being a lot higher, there would be an immense level of anxiety...hay you must understand this

What can I say?

I perceive that your point is something like "there are also those for whom the end of college life didnt matter"...yeah true

Venkatprasad@ Thaks said...

Selva, Your thread reminds me of Gurcharan das 's words in "The Elephant Paradigm" -

Live life like a Passenger ( on train). Yo musn't get too attached to the world.A passenger makes the acquaintance of many travellers.Some get off at the next stop while others at the later ones.He is civil to them, but doesn't form deep friendships.Don't imagine for a moment that your children, your parents have the same stop.We are all travellers.The train is not our home" .
May be this is the reason why some people are not really concerned about anything, leave only the jobs and campus. They are already "the travellers "

selva said...

For ordinary mortals like you and me, it is extremely difficult to attain the 'traveller' status. If we are one, then there is nothing left to cherish.