Friday, January 26, 2007

Back to Square One

Many posts in this blog
It was one event that ushered me to blog
You may browse more to see the tsunami
Its effect was short-lived
Now for sure it has no life
The only one I liked since junoon
Got into a tussle thanks to mongers
In this fateful gap I found a dream
Guided to another
Got to it, I am among the cream
Really in a role many dream
Though dormant for more than a year
I didnt change my first dream
Now I have to
I am not sad
I am not bad either
Let everyone be happy
I think focus without proximity
And Windows without Office are same
How should I react
To myself
I dont know, should ponder more
The first June to December out of home
I tend to remember if I try to forget
Should you sympathise
Should you be indifferent
I am clueless
Nothing was there
Nothing is there
Not all dreams come true
I need to dream more


gskg said...

Hmm.. sounds like life's at the crossroads again.. wassup? you are plunging into environmental activism or something? ;) there is a hint of road not taken there.. is that true?

Selva said...

I may not have been clear, but what you say is not what I intended to's just rambling abt few things that happen and which may/not have an effect on one's life