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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Terrrorism - An Opinion

There have been extensive coverage both in MSM and blogs on the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. It pains to realize how each one of us is exposed to such acts of barbarism and I strongly feel that we need to get out from the "it won't happen to me" syndrome and at least start thinking on ways out of this menace. I am no expert in the domain, so apologies if my opinions are too naive.

Mission: We need to put across a strong message to one and all who are in positions of responsibility (or the politicians) - "Politicize Terror, Lose my Vote"; for the ones who have some brains, it can be interpreted as "Politicize Terror, Lose my Tax". I am not suggesting that the politicians have had a role in the recent attacks, I am only reinforcing that if politicizing terror is not stopped, as Kapil Sibal says here, we are only aiding the terrorists and their agenda. I read elsewhere on the Internet that terrorism cannot be stopped (I wonder how USA has been able to avert any major terrorist attack after 2001) and the victim nation can only react 'strongly' to such acts. The sad state of affairs is India is neither able to prevent such acts nor able to react. If nothing changes in a country after serial bomb blasts in 4 major cities, after scores of lives have been lost, after giving reservations for terror (Hindu terror v/s Islam terror), then the problem is far more systemic than the ineptness, inactivity, fashion-consciousness of the Central Home Minister, or loose tongue of a Deputy Chief Minister. So, dear politicians, please develop a system which aids in preventing future acts of terror and definitely one which aids in speedy, effective reactions to future acts of terror.

As a passing thought, I believe, the day (utopian though) every one turns atheistic/agnostic and unpatriotic, terrorism will die.