Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another ICICIDIRECT sloppiness

There are, indeed, reasons behind why people are dissatisfied with ICICIDIRECT's services

Even Paris Hilton would have done better (with her website ;o))...


Vijay Narayanan said...

It happens sometimes. I have seen this more than once with brokerage websites in the US in the past few weeks, when the sheer (and largely inexplicable) surge in volume on some days does catch the administrators off guard.

But they should have caught this error and redirected users to a custom error page; something that gives folks another way to place trades, say, over phone would have been both thoughtful and useful.

Selva said...

I realize all the Erlang concepts would be used to design networks and suddenly when a grey swan surge happens, the network might crumble. But all i wanted to express was my dissatisfaction in not being able to access the market when i badly wanted