Monday, November 17, 2008

Of Nouns and Collective Nouns

Going back to school-days, I started wondering about collective nouns. You will call:
a group of ants: a colony;
a group of flowers: a bouquet
a group of birds: a flock
a group of bees: a swarm
a group of wolves: a pack
a group of lions: a pride
a group of selvanayagams: a tissuevanayagam

And when I tell this to people around, they have started quarantining me. This is Kaliyuga and greatness is repelled.


JC said...

care to explain the fundae behind this???

Selva said...

group of cells (or a collection of cells) is called tissue, hope you can get it now

Vijay said...

I'm surprised JC needed an explanation to get it. But well, I have had the rare privilege of being next to a tissuevanayagam, so...