Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lesson for Indian Politicians

I have no opinion on the result of the U.S. Election, whether it was the first time an African-American has won American election or it could have been the first time a woman could have become president/vice president of the USA.

But what I admired most about this election is this: John McCain congratulating Barack Obama as soon as he would have realized victory is not coming his way. The graciousness that a losing candidate had in appreciating the victor shows how mature the country is, the democracy there is vis-a-vis the bickerings we have here in India: pre-election, during election, post elections till it is time for the next election. I suppose this is not the first time a losing candidate, be it the race for presidency or the race for presidential nomination, has graciously accepted defeat in the history of America, but it is the one that I admired most about the whole process.

Btw, I feel, more than change it is change management that is more important. (Hey!! some MBA BS jargon!)

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