Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How things turn out!

I have read in books, seen in mundane Tamil movies the way in which events turn up making you think you live a life which is akin to pseudo-fiction. You yearn for your desires, dreams and destiny (3D!); sometimes with bullish optimism, sometimes with a thrust filled with desperation and some other times fearfully. But you yearn. Some people do not stop at yearning, they start to work their way towards their 3Ds; at least they start. They try. Some times, they might also fail, the probability of which is immaterial as they ‘do try’. There is a famous saying in Tamil which goes “Muyarchi udaiyaar igazhchi adaiyaar”, meaning “those who keep trying, don’t fail”. But there are certain things in life which you better don’t keep on trying and perhaps move on to the next. The idea also resonates with personal life.

It is the worst when you have accepted the defeat, get accustomed to things other than your original 3Ds, begin to design your new 3Ds in place and suddenly things turn out so weirdly that your very own defeats are re-surfacing on their own, asking you to ‘assume’ that you have won and then continue to enquire about how you feel about the success; the monkey the human mind is, you doubt whether the defeat earlier was a prank; but gradually it is confirmed that it was not a prank and they were indeed defeats and now you just have to assume and answer and most importantly keep quiet!

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