Thursday, May 22, 2008

IPL Semifinal Line-up

This is my dream line-up for Semifinals
1. Rajasthan Royals
2. Kings XI Punjab
3. Mumbai Indians
4. Delhi Daredevils

I sincerely hope Chennai Super Kings do not make it to the semis. I think their position right now in the table is more of luck than talent. I can recall at least 2 matches where the opponents gave the match away than Chennai winning it (one against Bangalore and the other against Mumbai). Any team that can lose like this, that too to Bangalore Royal Challengers should voluntarily exit from the race to the semis. With the rain threat looming large on the Kolkata-Delhi match, Chennai's luck may still help them get to semifinals.

The actual IPL semifinal line-up is
1. Rajasthan Royals v/s Delhi Daredevils; May 30; 2000 hrs local time
2. Kings XI Punjab v/s Chennai Super Kings; May 31; 2000 hrs local time


Anonymous said...

Hey, I agree with you but at the starting they were top with Hayden and Hussy.

By the way, how will be that semi finals? Is it First vs Fourth and Second vs Third?

Selva said...

Yes...the semifinals would be 1 v 4 and 2 v 3.

Sachin said...

Are you sure, Selva? I searched a lot but couldn't find an exact answer. In all fixtures, its TBC vn TBC. None states its 1 vc 4 and 2 vc 3 :-(