Friday, April 18, 2008

Boring Television

After a brief hiatus away from television, I am now forced to sit in front of it for long hours these days- thanks to the never-ending Argumentative Indian, never-insightful Fooled by Randomness and ever so boring CFA level 2 materials.

I thought only mega-serials and nedunthodars are the only bane (I am not alone, I have Afghan Muslim clerics for support). To add to the plight, the dance shows and talent-hunts have become a bigger pain. The contestants in one dance show are turning up as judges in another show, another channel. Sad to know that the TRP ratings for tamil channels are much higher for these reality dance and talent-hunt shows. With a Sun Direct connection, the only other option is to watch the news channels. where the only solace are the advertisements which occupy more than 50% of air time.

The lone star among the available channels to me is Vijay TV. Not that it tickles the sixth sense in me; at least it has some shows which are inherently different from the others (eg. Ippadikku rose).


Supergirl said...

Hey! New look and all.. nice!

And Vijay TV, hmmm... it's no coincidence, is it??


Selva said...

Was expecting this comment from you :D :D

Prian said...

Selva has started moving his ass again

Let's please play dota
I am frustrated with nothing to do at home