Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

The biggest sporting event is beginning today. With SCV -ESPNStar tussle going on, the majority of Chennai soccer lovers (some only world-cup lovers) are eagerly waiting for this result prior to the actual match start.

In my opinion, the following are the stars to watch out for:
1. England: Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney (will he, wont he - awesome will power)
2. Brazil: Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho (Haven't seen him play, but heard a lot), Dida.
3. Argentina: Messi (the mess for opponents), Riquelme (hope I spelt right), Aimar, Crespo.
4. Germany: Jens Lehmann, Ballacj, Neuville (I liked this guy in the 2002 WC itself)
5. Netherlands: Robben, Persie, Ruud van Nistelrooy
6. Portugal: Deco, Figo, Ronaldo
7. Italy: Cannavaro, Del Piero
8. Czech: Cech, Nedved, Baros
9. Australia: Harry Kewell
10. France: Zidane, Henry (will he, at least this time, fire), Vieira
11. Spain: Reyes, Raul (can he overcome his poor run?), Iniesta

My bet for winners:
1. Brazil
2. England
3. Argentina

Though I want Brazil not to win and England to do so!

Some interesting facts: (From the NYT, June 7)
* Since the beginning of group play in 1950, teams that have won the first games have advanced to the second round 81.1% of the time. Teams that have lost their first game advanced only 18.8% of the time. And teams tied had a 62.5% chance of advancing to the second round.
* In the last ten opening games, only 9 goals have been scored. Three of those goals came when Brazil beat Scotland 2-1, in 1998. The opening game in the 2006 WC is between Germany and Costa Rica.
* Teams that have scored first have a record of 418-87-97, a 77.4% winning percentage.
* The only time that Brazil and Germany have met is the 2002 WC championship final. Brazil has played all 17 World Cups and Germany 15. That is a total of 172 matches played by both countries in the WC.


Anonymous said...

In case you havent see this site, do it first thing. Superb coverage.
this site has the match highlights and old videos


Anonymous said...

hmmm...argentine,brazil and england all out...i bet france will make it...anyway i'm watching the O.C right now while waiting football...its a good series...