Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last day @ FSS

I sincerely thank FSS for enabling a raw Engineering pass-out in me to transition to a professional with ease. True, almost all companies that offer jobs to freshers do this. But to me, only FSS did.

Among the many things I liked, the work culture - a cliched term though - was extremely conducive. There were pressures - of deadlines, of maintaining quality standards - but all these were made simpler by the non-interfering superiors.

I learnt a lot in my days at Gurgaon and equal amount of gyan I gathered during my brief stay at Chennai.

There were incidents I would like to reminisce and cherish. When MAK - my manager - called me up on the day before my XLRI interview and wished me luck, I was stumped. The libran balance which Sumit Kasera - my technical lead - maintains between work, personal goals and family life was a lesson to me. The concern and the effort taken by Akila Johnson to effect a smooth relieving process made me admire her penchant for helping people. For the record, my association with her was unfortunately limited only to this. The liberal help which Vineet Maheswari - my senior project manager - extended when I did not get the salary during a month in which I forgot to fill the timesheet on time. Thank you FSS for enabling me to meet such wonderful people.


Anonymous said...

you told ur superiors that ur gonna attend XLRI intw...boy that was a bold move

Vijay Krishna said...

The new template looks very good.

Karthik said...

cool da.. you are a person that excels whereever you go.. i have seen very few people like that. here's a raise for your versatility. tread on!

Selva said...

Thanks for the wishes