Monday, May 30, 2005

A day of high stress

Everyone spends the week-end at home or roaming around especially when your mother has come to see you from over 1000kms. This saturday was an exception to this rule. My manager asked, in fact requested, me to come on saturday and get help from a person of another team. I came at 12 noon, hoping I would get back home around 3-4. Things went awry and we could not finish what we intended and worse we were not sure what was wrong - you always get this feeling while working with hardware, especially with a TI 6416 processor, JTAG card and an ethernet card. Bloody irritating. I have run away from these hardware things right from my college days. As fate (or luck) would have it, I have to integrate the Telecom (GSM RR protocol) code with platform - c6416. Now a new week has begun - hope this one has a nice end.

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Anonymous said...

this is why i try to stay off working with hardware. (most of us)