Monday, February 14, 2005

Age of Empires

I was going to meet my project manager MAK on saturday, on my way I saw the DSP team's STL playing Age of Empires. Though I had played AOE during college, the bait was too much for me to withstand. I downloaded a fix for AOE 2, as it was having a bug - the opponent's will resign if we proceed to the next age first. I was at crossroads how to take this fix file to our home PC, I used my digicam as a USB stick, stored the file on to the camera, reached home, downloaded the file on the system and started playing AOE to my satiation. Now I am downloading the entire game from a site given by aani in my office PC. The site is

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Anonymous said...

ada paavi makka... software engineer posta gaming professional posta maathureengale da...